any way to prevent pulumi from re-writing the stac...
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any way to prevent pulumi from re-writing the stack config file? Sometimes (don't know why) some of my projects end up always rewriting (i.e. removing all comments and sorting the yaml + saving the file) the stack config file (pulumi.stackname.yml)...
nice 🙂
I think you're using automation API though, right? IIRC. So you may want to checkout the code, specifically the
constructor as that is where it decides when it should write to those files. I believe if you provide
it will do an overwrite.
well, using both. This in particular was the CLI part - i'll convert it over to automation when it's a bit more stable 🙂 happy to use automation for kubernetes at the moment, but not for critical baseline infra worth literally millions of dollars a month to us 🙂
(which is also why I'm hoping that my using pulumi to manage this might convince them to consider actually ponying up for it 😄 )
for automation I tend to be 100% decalarative anyway, any files are temporary and not to be trusted. worst case, if I can't do that, I'll persist them in json format in mongo or something, or just push them back and forth to a blob.