Hi all, I'm seeing issues with 403s while installi...
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Hi all, I'm seeing issues with 403s while installing plugins (looks like S3 permissions on Pulumi's end). I've opened up an issue https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/6610.
Hey @prehistoric-kite-30979 So the arm64 binary for pulumi-aws wasn't released until v3.32.1 - you'd need to upgrade there I'm afraid to be able to take advantage of that
Can I just install the new one or do I need to bump some other config somewhere?
ah, I see I need to bump it in npm
Yeah bump your package and it’ll bring the new one
I believe you need to run a Pulumi up to depend on the new version
πŸ€” I bumped aws, awsx and pulumi versions to latest and re-installed but pulumi up is complaining about version
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error: could not load plugin for aws provider 'urn:pulumi:aws.operations.application::application::pulumi:providers:aws::default': no resource plugin 'aws-v3.26.0' found in the workspace or on your $PATH, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource aws v3.26.0`
@proud-pizza-80589 you upgraded recently here - what were your hot tips?
I notice in the state it has an old version, I guess I will need to ask someone else to do it who can bump the version in state?
or is it safe to manually change this version?
The pulumi up should change that
(I don't have an m1 machine here so trying to find a test)
Maybe have a wee read of this @prehistoric-kite-30979 https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/4868#issuecomment-804049759
πŸ‘€ 1
TBH, i just upgraded in the package.json, cleared out my node_modules and reinstalled, and it just worked.
let me back up and retry
ok, this is not working for me.
let me try on my old machine
I might have upgraded on the amd64 version, and then moved to the arm pulumi binary.
That appears to work... I notice there isn't a new
version. Does that mean it doesn't support M1 macs?
I can verify in a couple of mins
It seems to work πŸ™‚
ok thanks all, if I have any other problems I'll open an issue
@prehistoric-kite-30979 yeah this will only affect libraries that have a plugin binary that we disribute - so awsx and kubernetesx are not affected πŸ˜„