Hi ... I have a question. I have a previously crea...
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Hi ... I have a question. I have a previously created resource but I want to later modify an attribute within another function passing the resource as an argument. Is there a mechanism for this?
Since they're in the same project and stack, there's nothing special needed. Resources are just objects in your chosen language, pass them just like other object parameters.
@little-cartoon-10569 This function is in another project called UpgradeEks ... and my EKS was created previously , I want to do this
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function updateVersion(eks:aws.eks.Cluster){
    eks.version = "1.17";
There is no "update" action in Pulumi. It's a desired state configuration system. You change your code to describe the resource (in the resource's constructor), and Pulumi makes it happen.
Conditionally changing a resource is possible (construct it in branches of a conditional), but strongly discouraged.
@little-cartoon-10569 ok! Thank you for your help
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