Question, is Pulumi interoperable with Terraform E...
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Question, is Pulumi interoperable with Terraform Enterprise? Imagine I’m an ISV and I license my software to a customer who uses Terraform Enterprise and asks for a terraform configuration to deploy my software with. Of course, I’d prefer to give them a Pulumi program while meeting the requirement. Any ideas?
We have some Terraform compatibility: - You can reference Terraform resources from Terraform remote state: - You can convert Terraform HCL to Pulumi code: Once you have the code in Pulumi, it's not possible to go back to terraform. The reason for this is because the languages we supported are much more expressive than Terraform's HCL, so it's not possible to represent Pulumi code as HCL
with regards to your specific ask, Pulumi cannot store state in Terraform's state engine. So you could give them a Pulumi program and have them reference things from their Terraform state, but they would now require Pulumi state
Thanks, it makes sense but I felt I should ask.