Hello I ran the static website example and it make...
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Hello I ran the static website example and it makes my domain available from www.domain.com but not domain.com where domain is my domain, how to make it work for domain.com ? https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/aws-ts-static-website
Looks like you'd need to add a CNAME record. Did you set your targetDomain to be "www.domain.com"? The code as provided only sets up the A record needed for that specific domain.
You could edit to code to add a CNAME record to direct your TLD to your www host.
Yes www.domain.com was the targetDomain, so your suggestion a CNAME record for @ which goes to www ?
I see in the code an A record, pointing "www" to an alias (the CDN). There are no records for "".
So you could have a CNAME record for "" which points to "www.domain.com".
There's a lot happening in this example and I think it would be helpful to break it down a bit. 1. a private s3 bucket is created to store the file contents of your static website. 2. the directory indicated by pathToWebsiteContents is iterated over and each file is uploaded to the created s3 bucket 3. a cloudfront distribution is created with a url similar to d1btc1ewzmi0iv.cloudfront.net/ which caches and serves files within your s3 bucket. If no file is indicated it will by default serve your index.html file. 4. with the help of route53 a tls certificate is generated and validated for the specified targetDomain 5. finally an A record is created for your targetDomain that points to your cloudfront distribution that uses your generated tls certificate
Yes thanks so I investigated more and I think I need to make two buckets, one for the content associated with the TLD and one for a redirect from www to the domain because I found I couldn't arrange a redirect from the TLD to www on AWS
You don't need to redirect, or a 2nd bucket. In DNS, a CNAME record is an alias. It says "this record points to that fully-qualified domain name". So you can pint the "" record (which would be "domain.com") to "www.domain.com".
In order to support additional subdomains the following resources need to be created/updated: • a cname record to your targetDomain from www.foo.com => foo.com • your cloudfront distribution's Alternate Domain Names field needs to be updated from "foo.com" to "foo.com,www.foo.com" • finally *you must acquire a new tls certificate that supports both foo.com and www.foo.com" and update your distribution to use that
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There's no HTTP redirection, no 303s or anything. Two separate DNS records: one pointing "www.domain.com" to CloudFront, one pointing "domain.com" to "www.domain.com".
You could add a second A record, using the same alias as the existing one. That would work too.
Ooo. Good find. Maybe the A record can do it?
One of the answers to that question says an A record will work: https://serverfault.com/a/641268
Right but I believe you will still need to update your distribution and certificate regardless. Plus those resources will not be managed within your stack and you'll lose out on many of the benefits of using Pulumi here.
You can add the 2nd A record using Pulumi. I don't know about the CloudFront pieces. Can Pulumi not configure it correctly?
So looking at the example code there's 5 blocks that need to be tweaked: 1. const certificate = new aws.acm.Certificate(...) needs to be updated to generate a certificate that accommodates the desired subdomains) 2. const certificateValidateDomain(...) needs to be updated to validate for all supported domains 3. const const certificateValidation(...) needs to be updated to confirm the validation for all supported domains 4. const distribution = {} needs to be updated to include additional domains 5. function createAlias() needs a sibling method that will also create the CNAME record www.foo.com => foo.com
I'm poking through the type definitions to see exactly what changes would be required
Ok I think I figured out 1-4
Ok I think I have 5 down let me test the solution
Oh wow it worked on the first try
So here's the gist for the tweaked index.ts file
You'll need to run
pulumi destroy
to remove previously created resources then
pulumi up
to rebuild them with the additions I made
Also I should mention at this point this is my first day poking around with pulumi so there's a few missing pieces in my solution: • it creates an additional A record for the www subdomain when I believe this should be a CName record instead • none of the individual components are tested indempotently
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ok let me try !
@stocky-address-37940 yes that works thanks.
@stocky-address-37940 do you want to suggest that as a change to the existing code in github project? it seems useful
Yup i'll raise a PR for the folks at Pulumi to take a look at