I started playing with running pulumi out of a jen...
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I started playing with running pulumi out of a jenkins job. One project went fine, but this new projet has an issue creating asset archives.
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new pulumi.asset.AssetArchive({
      ".": new pulumi.asset.FileArchive("./lambda/CSVDownload"),
which is a typescript function that creates a zip of some lambda code. When I run that out of jenkins, I get errors
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Error: failed to register new resource csvDownloadLambda [aws:lambda/function:Function]: 2 UNKNOWN: failed to compute archive hash: couldn't read archive path './lambda/CSVDownload': stat ./lambda/CSVDownload: no such file or directory
Which I think is something to do with jenkins workspaces and symlinks. While this may end up being a typescript specific question (and I should head to #typescript) I'm wondering if anyone else has hit similar bumps on running out of a ci pipeline, or any suggested paths to go down for resolving this. I can't be creating a new pattern.
I shall leave this as a monument to pathing problems.... Mac's file systems are case insensitive. The jenkins server is not....the dir is
, not
I am not a smart man...