I'm <reviewing the Pulumi edition comparison chart...
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I'm reviewing the Pulumi edition comparison chart and wondering what the inclusion of "APIS and webhooks" for Pro means. Are the APIs and Webhook features missing from Free/Community and Team Starter editions?
webhooks are not available for the community or team starter plans this docs page describes webhooks: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/console/webhooks/
Thanks @brainy-church-78120 What about "APIs"? I don't see anything on the API Reference that says anything about being restricted to only paid editions.
I do not know what that's referring to, but I'll have someone else follow up soon
I believe it's in the same context as webhooks which would reach out to an API. We should clean up the verbage a bit.
The APIs (i.e. SDKs) are open source and available to all plans.
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