Hi. I need to execute some code after a CloudForma...
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Hi. I need to execute some code after a CloudFormation Stack (which is managed by
module) gets created (CREATE_COMPLETE status). Is there a way to hook up to such event in Pulumi?
if you run the code inside an
it will run when the resource has registered. What code are you trying to run exactly?
That's a good idea. Thanks. Need to add a couple tags on an ASG that gets created when a new node group for EKS is created. eks.NodeGroup() propagates tags from CF to ASG to instances and adding/changing/deleting a single tag results in NodeGroup update and recreation of launch configuration. I'm trying to avoid that. Just need to add a tag for cluster-autoscaler to tell it which ASGs to manage and which not to.
I was thinking I can use transformation but templateBody property of aws.cloudformation.Stack class is readonly, so I can't add a tag this way