Open question. We started with Pulumi when it was ...
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Open question. We started with Pulumi when it was only Typescript and haven't spent any time evaluating other language options since. What are people's opinions about the different languages that Pulumi now supports? Do you feel that some other language works "better" then Typescript does? I'm not really interested in a language war. We've used all of them in the past. Just curious whether one language "fits" the Pulumi model better then another.
I would also ask yourself a few questions about your organization’s requirement of an IaC tool. 1. What tools do you use in a languages ecosystem? 2. Do you utilize packaging in that language? What’s the ease of use? 3. What language are your applications written in? 4. What are the pain points in working within the language’s ecosystem? 5. Are there any benefits to your pipelines with a specific language?