05/17/2021, 1:21 PM
Hi. I'm trying to create an Azure FrontDoor in C# but there doesn't appear to be any way to create e.g. Health Probe Settings and pass those into the Backend Pool. I've tried instantiating the Health Probes prior to calling the create for the FrontDoor but this doesn't create a reference in Pulumi. I get this error: 'FrontdoorEntityV2.BackendPools[0].Properties.HealthProbeSettings.Id' is required but it was not set; The same problem occurs for Load balancing and the backend pools & frontend endpoints in the routing rules. Am I missing a step somewhere, or is this just not possible? The demo code shows the ID as a string making reference to the resources but these don't exist yet so how do I populate that string with e.g. the front door Id?
Id = "/subscriptions/subid/resourceGroups/rg1/providers/Microsoft.Network/frontDoors/frontDoor1/frontendEndpoints/frontendEndpoint1",