recently, I've noticed that personal pulumi stacks...
# general
recently, I've noticed that personal pulumi stacks, created with
pulumi stack init project/$USER --copy-config-from project/staging
"forget" configuration values after about a day. That is, pulumi up in that stack no longer can find config settings that are set for the staging stack. This happens after a few hours. Right after creating the personal stack, I can use those variables. The next workday, the variables are gone. We use an AWS SSO provider for our API credentials. Might expiration on those creds cause pulumi stack config to get dropped?
If you log into the pulumi website and navigate to the project has all the config disappeared from there too?
hrmmm, I think it may be sillier: I changed branches and the new branch has an additional parameter that wasn't on staging when I copied from it /: