does pulumi keep release branches for each version...
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does pulumi keep release branches for each version? can't find a 3.3.1 branch
Is this the branch you are looking for?
yes, thank you. brain fart. wasn't looking at tags.
pouring more coffee
we only use tags not branches
was there an issue @bored-oyster-3147?
Hey Paul, I'm just currently debugging an issue with retrieving AWS provider credentials in an AzureDevOps pipeline and I wanted to make sure I was looking at the code that I was using
Was confused for a moment because I was using one of the 3.4.X alphas and I was stilling seeing the GRPC logging from the language runtime service in the dotnet sdk and I knew that removing that logging was in 3.3.1. Ended up just using 3.3.1
got it!
was worried there was a problem