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05/26/2021, 9:13 AM
Anyone had any issues with using Pulumi with Azure DevOps Pipelines and Nuget feeds? We've recently hit a blocker where a "nuget restore" step in the pipeline works fine, but the next step where we call Pulumi up is failing with "The plugin credential provider could not acquire credentials." errors


05/26/2021, 12:38 PM
if you are doing
pulumi up
with a dotnet pulumi project, than by default pulumi is building that project itself - including your restore. So it may not be looking at your private feed. You might want to build your pulumi project ahead of time with your nuget feed, and then provide pulumi a path to the binary in the project settings file. Which looks like this:
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name: my-project
    name: dotnet
        binary: bin/MyInfra.dll
description: A precompiled .NET Pulumi program
From here. Something to note is that when you provide pulumi a binary path, it loses the ability to discover what plugins your pulumi project needs automatically (because currently that functionality relies on pulumi doing the build, because it examines nuget cache). So your pipeline will now need to include running
pulumi plugin install
for the appropriate plugins before doing any pulumi work.