Hi, Pulumi users! Has anyone here used the `pulumi...
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Hi, Pulumi users! Has anyone here used the
pulumi state delete
command successfully? I need to fix a broken stack but every time I try to delete something by URN it tells me this resource doesn’t exist. What am I doing wrong here (see attached screenshot)? Thanks!
@orange-byte-86458 you could try exporting your state (
pulumi stack export > stack.json
) and seeing if it is there, and in which case where (e.g. maybe it’s in pending deletes). Though this is definitely not my area of expertise, so I probably wouldn’t modify anything in the state file without someone from Pulumi chiming in.
ohh… I think I just figured it out.. It’s one of those super obscure sneaky errors - the dollar sign is interpreted as a var substitution in the terminal. Can’t believe I spent so much time on it 🤷 Let’s leave this thread here as I believe there will be more people who run into this 🙂 Also, thanks @bored-table-20691 for chiming in so quickly!
Good to know I was way off 😛