Hi, anyone can point me to a github example, blogp...
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Hi, anyone can point me to a github example, blogpost, online training where the following or part of the following gets done with pulumi? Cloud: AWS Creating: 1. a SSL certificate, 2. cloudfront distribution using the previously created certificate, 3. creating multiple origins for the cloudfront distribution, 4. multiple behaviors in the cloud distribution, 5. creating lambda@edge functions and assign them to be triggered by the behaviors of the distribution. I know how to do all that manually with clicks but now I am trying to learn how to do automate it with pulumi. My background is in Software Development with C#, Javascript/Typescript. As I mentioned, just looking for resources I can read so I can do my home work putting everything together. Thank you very much. (P.D. It is ok if I repeat this question in the #aws channel? )
https://github.com/pulumi/docs/tree/master/infrastructure might be of interest to you — this is actually how www.pulumi.com itself is built
I think the only missing part is cert creation/validation, which https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/aws-ts-static-website covers
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thank you!