Hello everyone! I'm exploring Pulumi for work and ...
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Hello everyone! I'm exploring Pulumi for work and have a couple of questions. Where can I find a list of all supported cloud resources, and how often are these resources updated. Is there a process documented somewhere explaining how frequently the community should revise the resources to keep up with cloud providers?
This is a good place to start: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/
All the Pulumi libraries are updated via language-standard methods (npm and that sort of thing) so you can just update whenever you feel like via
npm update
or equivalent. The binary plugins are updated automatically via Pulumi, you generally don't need to think about it.
Pulumi is updated frequently, several times a month. You can a notification at the command line when you use a version other than the latest, and you can choose when to update.
Thank you for sharing this! I'm interested in learning how fast the APIs are updated to reflect cloud providers' changes. How are these changes reflected in the roadmap? Any process around that? Is there a list of core services per cloud provider that are revised more often than others?
For the "native" providers, they're almost instant (Azure-native; gcp-native (beta). The other large providers (esp. AWS) are fast; maybe a few days behind the equivalent terraform or SDK change. The smaller providers, I don't know, sorry.
The team are having a day off today, someone will be better able to help tomorrow, I'm sure.
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You could look in the various github repos, it's all open source. https://github.com/pulumi
@little-cartoon-10569 Thanks for the great answers I had similar myself. I found this issue: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/issues/1535 Is pulumi directly dependent on TF providers (all or some?)
our aws provider depends on the aws terraform provider, but we're working on a native provider
i expect the new version to be released today or tomorrow (cc @broad-dog-22463
it'll be tomorrow as I am on vacation today 🙂
it's usually within 1 work day