Hey all, As a big fan of both Pulumi and ClojureS...
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Hey all, As a big fan of both Pulumi and ClojureScript, of course I took a stab at writing Pulumi stacks in CLJS. And it actually works quite well! The process ends up pretty seamless, and with source code mapping it’s pretty easy to debug. If anyone else is interested, here’s a helper library to get you started, as well as a sample project (a Wordpress install on ECS): https://github.com/modern-energy/pulumi-cljs https://github.com/modern-energy/wordpress-pulumi-cljs
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@bitter-island-28909 have you tweeted about this? Would you mind if I do it? Happy to retweet you if you have
It’s very very cool
Does the intellisense work?
Sure, I’ll tweet about it (feel free to yourself as well)
I don’t use intellisense myself (long time emacs user) so I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing not. However, I’m not up to speed on the current state of the art with ClojureScript IDEs, so if any of them support intellisense over JS interop, they should work here too.