Is there a way to manage `pulumi config` any other...
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Is there a way to manage
pulumi config
any other way than invoking cli? For example can I restore the remote config from the local?
what do you mean by "restore the remote config from the local"? Are you saying you would like to update the config as show in the console using a local yaml file ?
I mean if I have a structure like this
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        secure: AAABAOeZOoIfFiQ+2w94NwR7TVMcqbib8cM3ihg5y6rg/Dgavu6J
      user: app
I need to run
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pulumi config set-all --path \
  --secret \
  --plaintext database.migrator.user=mgr \
  --secret database.migrator.password=scrt
My question is if I can manage this without using CLI, and just simply edit the file locally to make it synchronize - especially for plain text variables
I guess I'm able to answer my own question by finally learning what is "automation api" 🙂