06/29/2021, 7:15 PM
Hey, Pulumi people! Sorry for posting here so often, I’m really deep in the process of switching our infra from tf to Pulumi. Hope once it’s doen, things will stabilize 🙂 My question for today would be this: I think I’m running into the same issue with my
- I created it about a week ago or so. Things were fine for a while, but then something (default AMI id I guess) changed and produced a diff for Pulumi. Now if I try to
pulumi up
it fails saying it’s unable to delete an old Launch Configuration because it’s still attached to an ASG (which is true). I’m not sure what exactly went wrong, there were no interrupted updates or anything. I believe it’s just doing it in the wrong order, as I see new Launch Configurations are already created, they’re just not associated with an ASG yet. I think it should first attach the new configs and then delete the old ones, not vice versa. Anyway, my real question is what’s the best way out of this situation? Should I manually edit the state? I’m not quite sure how would I edit it though as these things are somewhat entangled. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error I’m getting as well as the code I’m using to create the cluster. Thanks for any help!