Where can I find the specification for the Pulumi ...
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Where can I find the specification for the Pulumi state JSON?
The Pulumi state file uses a relatively easy to understand JSON format. The precise JSON format these state files use is not documented, but is defined in the APIType source code. The `pulumi state` CLI command also includes some helpful commands to edit your state.
Is this really the best reference 😕?
yes unfortunately, if you have a more concrete use case, please open an issue. What are you trying to do?
I was going to create an issue in this project to ask to support the Pulumi state. https://github.com/cycloidio/inframap
Alternatively, maybe Pulumi is interested in adding such a feature :)
• LucidChart -> cumbersome and these diagrams get old • Diagrams as Code -> DSL for diagrams can be a barrier to entry and provide less freedom than LucidChart, while still requiring maintenance like LucidChart • Diagrams automatically generated from your resource graph that already has all the attributes to infer iconography, hierarchy and egress/ingress 🙏 🚀
well there is
pulumi stack graph
but it looks like
does a lot of trimming and I haven't seen a pulumi equiavalent. But you could probably do similar trimming of
pulumi stack graph
stack graph
is akin to
terraform graph
which this project is intended to improve
Since Pulumi only seems to be a one-way with terraform state (read), I cannot just take a Pulumi state and write it out as a terraform state, which would also be a way to use this tool