Has anyone used Pulumi to install the main Dapr co...
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Has anyone used Pulumi to install the main Dapr control plane services in a Kubernetes cluster? The standard Dapr installation instructions advise use of a manual Dapr CLI command that will upgrade a freshly created Kubernetes cluster to host the Dapr framework. https://docs.dapr.io/operations/hosting/kubernetes/kubernetes-deploy/ I am wondering if my Pulumi automation program will have to shell out to a command prompt after creating a Kubernetes cluster via Pulumi to then run the Dapr install? Although I am no Kubernetes expert I assume the Dapr CLI install command will have to invoke the standard API server in the Kubernetes control plane in order to insert the extra Dapr pieces. If this is so then it should in theory be possible to automate this via Pulumi. The Dapr/Kubernetes install instructions also mention an "advanced" alternative to install via Helm charts, so maybe I could eyeball these Heml charts and create Pulumi equivalents. Edit: Since posting I have been digging into the Dapr Go code for the CLI Dapr install into Kubernetes, I think it just converts the CLI install command into a Helm chart. func daprChart() here at https://github.com/dapr/cli/blob/master/pkg/kubernetes/kubernetes.go