Hey, all! I’m using `awsx.ec2.Vpc` to create a VPC...
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Hey, all! I’m using
to create a VPC for my EKS cluster. I need to make a slight change to the way NAT Gateway IPs are provisioned. Specifically, I want to create them separately so that I can detach them and preserve across VPC re-creations/configuration changes. There’s no such customization in the AWSX’s Vpc, and I’m wondering if my only option is to re-create everything using RAW resources or maybe there’s a shortcut? Like maybe there’s a way to transform AWSX resources before they make it into the state or smth.. Thanks for any help!
There is indeed a thing called "transformations" https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/#transformations But I've never used awsx so can't say it will work there. It should?
Personally I would recommend going the route of using the core provider over using transformations. AWSX is open source so you can just look at the code and make sure you are declaring the resources the same way that AWSX would be, and it would be far less finicky of a solution
gotcha. Thank for all the responses!