07/08/2021, 2:56 PM
Hi everyone, I was wondering if this issue got addressed, (PR bot should remove old comments) or if anyone knows a workaround? One of our projects is using Pulumi and frequently has 10+ preview diffs posted by the github app/bot on a pull request because each time a new commit is pushed it posts the changes diff as a new comment Thanks


07/08/2021, 4:11 PM
It definitely has not been addressed on GitLab at least, so I’m assuming GitHub is the same.
I also wish that the bot would only post a single comment, and not one per stack.
We also have a project with many diffs, and get spammed with emails as that’s how GitLab works.
@gentle-diamond-70147 do you know if this is on the backlog and any possible timeframe for it?