I know Civo is a little bitty player in the scheme...
# general
I know Civo is a little bitty player in the scheme of things, so maybe a Civo-specific channel is not justified. However, I kind of hate posting Civo-specific questions into General. I think something like an Other Cloud Providers channel would be warranted for discussions around Civo, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc. Thoughts? Or, maybe I’m just missing a channel that is well-suited for those provider-specific kinds of discussions?
Looks like there are only 24 channels currently. Wouldn't break my heart to go specific with it. Someone looking for Civo help might not think to look in Other Cloud Providers to get it
I’d be fine with that. 🙂
… Equinix Metal, … 🙂 Link the channel here if it is created? I highlight on Linode and Equinix Metal. If the conversation is happening in new channels that I’m not auto-enrolled in (like General), then I’m going to miss some relevant conversations.