07/15/2021, 3:09 PM
I have a Civo k8s question... In the KubernetesClusterArgs, we can specify a csv list of applications to install. Some of the applications have a plan option. For instance, when installing the Minio application, we need to specify the plan; i.e. 5GB, 10GB, or 20GB. How do I express this in the KubernetesClusterArgs?
I just asked the Civo team about how this is expressed in the CLI. Apparently, the Civo CLI command would look like this:
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civo kubernetes application add NAME:PLAN --cluster CLUSTER_NAME
I’m going to see if the KubernetesClusterArgs applications field will support something like this:
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const k8sCluster = new civo.KubernetesCluster('my-k8s', {
      applications: '-Traefik,-metrics-server,istio,Minio:10GB',
      kubernetesVersion: '1.20.0+k3s1', // if not specified, latest will be used
      numTargetNodes: 3,
      region: cfg.require(CIVO_REGION_KEY),
      tags: "org:<|>",
      targetNodesSize: "g3.k3s.medium"