hi everyone:wave:, how do you deal with such situa...
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hi everyone👋, how do you deal with such situation where the resource was successfully created but the error occurred during
pulumi up
post-processing stage( i.e. my
has some errors) now, the resources has successfully created but that doesn't show up in my pulumi Resources.
what is the result of running
pulumi preview
right now?
It might have some resources listed in pending operations. As far as I know, you can manually fix the state by exporting it first (using
pulumi stack export
), editing it (accordingly to the current state known by you) and importing it back (using
pulumi import
thanks for the help!
pulumi preview
shows creating a new resource. this error happens during(after) the deployment stage. i have remove the recreate the resource after i fix the bug. but this is a bug i can not detect during
pulumi preview
stage, and i only can get to know this when I actually perform the deployment action.
i was just thinking...if there is a better way to detect such error?