Hi, is it possible to update only configuration in...
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Hi, is it possible to update only configuration in a stack without changing any resource?
pulumi config set
changes only local file but does nothing with the stack.
pulumi up
then changes the configuration but also starts a deployment, which is not desired in my use case. Thx!
No. If you could do that, then your stack would not represent what Pulumi thinks is in the provider / cloud, it would represent what is in your code. The purpose of the stack is to allow Pulumi to figure out the minimal changes it needs to perform in order to make the provider look like the code.
If you had, for example, a config value that was used as the target number of instances in an auto-scaling group, and you updated that in the stack but not the provider, then when you next ran
, Pulumi would not know to change the provider. So your target number of instance would remain wrong forever.
I see, ok. thx!