```Hello, i got a problem with the pulumi_gcp, th...
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i got a problem with the pulumi_gcp, the existing DNS records are not overwritten anymore…pulumi fails with resource is existing…

It was working on pulumi 2 and its not working anymore in 3 … i need to make sure to delete all the existing records sets before…

Does anybody has the same issue?

> **Note:** The provider treats this resource as an authoritative record set. This means existing records (including
the default records) for the given type will be overwritten when you create this resource in the provider
Hi @fierce-market-67222 Please can you put together a recreation of this and open an issue for us at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-gcp This indeed sounds like a bug
Try and give us as much info as you can- version of te provider, versuon of pulumi - language runtime + version etc
ok thank you for the quick response
thank you very much