Hey all - Is there a way to reuse or abstract Pulu...
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Hey all - Is there a way to reuse or abstract Pulumi projects? e.g. I have a solution that consists of multiple pulumi projects. I would like to package the projects and treat them as a single unit that is versioned. I should then be able to deploy the solution package to as many customers as I wish with only the solution config being different. Updating the solution should be as easy as changing a version number and running pulumi up again. Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated!
You can also use your native programming language constructs for this, where your Pulumi code is abstracted into a set of common libraries/packages/modules, and then your Pulumi projects can just reference those modules.
For example, I have a Go
package that defines everything to create a new “tenant”, and then my Pulumi project main just calls into
@bored-table-20691 - Thanks!