Hello!, quick question here: Im having trouble usi...
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Hello!, quick question here: Im having trouble using pulumi on an aws ec2 machine with a role - terraform works great with that role but pulumi fails with:
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2021-07-26 14:21:04,109 integration-test    [ip-172-31-30-43] 62c7f849 ERROR: got an exception while creating environment: 
 code: 255
 stdout: Updating (test):
+  pulumi:pulumi:Stack test-test creating
aws:ec2:SecurityGroup uat_automation_ubuntu:18.04_0_docker_installed_sg  error: 1 error occurred:
+  pulumi:pulumi:Stack test-test created
aws:ec2:SecurityGroup uat_automation_ubuntu:18.04_0_docker_installed_sg **failed** 1 error
aws:ec2:SecurityGroup (uat_automation_ubuntu:18.04_0_docker_installed_sg):
error: 1 error occurred:
* error configuring Terraform AWS Provider: no valid credential sources for Terraform AWS Provider found.
Please see <https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/aws>
for more information about providing credentials.
Error: NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.
For verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors
This is a ci machine that already has a role assumed, what should I do? Thanks!
that should help
Thank you very much!!!
I so wish this was better documented on the Pulumi site