Hello, Can `ignoreChanges` resource option be use...
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Hello, Can
resource option be used to ignore provider changes on resource? I’ve tried to ignore ‘provider’ and ‘~provider’ - that did not work - thought i’ll ask here before I go into rabbit hope of digging it in core sources.
in particular - I am using that on github resource, but it still seems to be trying to replace resource, instead of ignore the custom provider passed.
To clarify: you don't mean that the provider is changing properties on your resource; you mean that you are changing the provider on your resource? And you want to leave the resource unchanged?
Hi Paul, yes, I’ve started passing
to options and would like that not to impact on the history of resource.
actually, the reason why I started doing that is that I cannot use github.token from environment/configuration on my project for unrelated reasons, so I found needing to construct my github provider on the fly after initial resource was created.
This question has been asked quite a few times. I think someone came up with a way to do it without editing the stack, but I forget how. When I have done it, I've always edited the stack manually.
Create the new provider, ideally use it at least once. Export the stack. Update all resources that your want to change; they all have a provider property in their opts. Import the stack.
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Don't forget to make a backup of your stack 🙂
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I see, thanks, I’ll dig history too, many thanks! In your experience, did it bubble up the chain when provider configuration changed? (just thinking if I go with manual stack edit for this case if I would need to change it every time my token changes or not)
No. The change on resources changes a pointer to the provider, not the values within the provider. You should be good to do in-provider work safely any time you need.