Hello everyone. I received this message when tryin...
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Hello everyone. I received this message when trying to deploy my EKS stack
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resource urn:pulumi:xxxx-aws-eks-dev-apse2-main::xxxx-aws-eks::kubernetes:core/v1:ConfigMap::authmap refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:xxxx-aws-eks-dev-apse2-main::xxxx-aws-eks::pulumi:providers:kubernetes::main::4d5c9996-7f15-4da8-8bc8-7279220588c3
anything i need to look at in particular? Thanks
Did you change providers in some way? Eg update the cluster configuration and re export the provider, etc?
quite possibly that my PR merge has caused updates to cluster config - context we only deploy from
branch. But never mind, we are going to destroy the whole stack and re-create it. Is
pulumi destroy
enough to tear down all resources? OR there is other resources created by K8s provider that I need to delete too?
i cannot even destroy the stack receiving the same error.
When I hit this last time, I feel I had to go and edit my stack
as in export the state file and change up the provider
but I’d always be cautious of doing that without someone from the Pulumi team advising you to do so.