Hi,raised the question earlier but didnt get the r...
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Hi,raised the question earlier but didnt get the reply, we have api which create project and stack and creates the pulumi project folder on the specified location using automation api . however when we try to deploy any service ie ec2,s3 on specific project/stack it gives error,
unable to find the stack
. Just would like to confirm if we are using the right function to select the existing stack .Below is the the code , workDir is the absolute path there the project directory is created . We have tried giving different ways with no luck
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workDir := "./projects"	fmt.Println("workDir",workDir)

s, err := auto.SelectStackInlineSource(ctx, projvls.Stackname, projvls.Projectname , program,  auto.PulumiHome(workDir), envvars)	if err != nil {
we have also tried to use following function as well but unable to locate the stack
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// WorkDir is the directory to execute commands from and store state.
func WorkDir(workDir string) LocalWorkspaceOption {
	return localWorkspaceOption(func(lo *localWorkspaceOptions) {
		lo.WorkDir = workDir
How are you setting the Pulumi backend?
For backend we have tried with both local and our own s3 bucket. Backend is also set using autimation api at the time of project creation
Yes, are you setting it with an environment variable? Or in project settings? Can you show full code?