Good morning! I’m trying to automate deployment of...
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Good morning! I’m trying to automate deployment of several steps in EKS, including the creation of a CA, the CSR, and the Kubernetes secret. I see classes like
but have yet to find documentation as to how these tie into a
so I can get the Kubernetes secret signed (“Approved,Issued”). Anyone have a pointer to an example?
A related question is how can I get Pulumi to wait on the creation of certain objects, like the keypair?
To partially answer the last question, using this syntax seems to work. I think this is telling Pulumi to fire off the deployment and not wait around for it to succeed, which allows the code elsewhere to finish creating the secret.
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  "<|>": "true"
what about Resource options depends on?
Unfortunately, Pulumi complains that the object I want to use isn’t a “resource”.
Because it’s not a Pulumi object.