How do I prevent `pulumi` from downloading a plugi...
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How do I prevent
from downloading a plugin? I have a previous version installed but it insists on downloading a later one (that I suspect has a bug).
this has happened to me before - pulumi will bake the version of the provider you are using into the state file. so even if something was broken and you are now using a new version of the provider, during the diff it will still install the old version alongside the new version of the provider. normally that is OK but if the old version has a bug and cannot even run, you are in a tight spot
i got around it by a hacky workaround: basically install the new version, and then
it to the location of the old version, so when pulumi tries to run the old version it is actually running the new version you'll get some warnings, and it is not a supported scenario, but it did get me out of one bind
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