Hi, i'm following this example to <Running Contain...
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Hi, i'm following this example to Running Containers on ECS Fargate, how to add a route 53 record to point the load balancer endpoint?
You take the output from LB and then create R53 Alias Record with that
thanks for your reply, i'll try it and will give you feedback whatever it success or failed
i follow this example to create a route 53 alias record, the symbol 'aws_route53_zone' is not found
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const zone = new aws.route53.Zone("<http://alliance-dev.com|alliance-dev.com>", {});

const www = new aws.route53.Record("www", {
    zoneId: zone.zoneId,
    name: 'orders-center',
    type: 'A',
    aliases: [{
        name: main.loadBalancer.loadBalancer.dnsName,
        zoneId: main.loadBalancer.loadBalancer.zoneId,
        evaluateTargetHealth: true,
this is my latest code, it creates blow route53 records: how to remove the suffix