08/30/2021, 3:40 AM
I want to keep my RDS instance when I destroyed my pulumi changes. I imported my RDS (no problem with that). But whenever I finished my tutorial/experiment, I'd like to destroy everything except for the RDS. Right now, I'm using
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pulumi state delete urn:pulumi:production::blog::aws:rds/instance:Instance::blog
After that, I'll uncomment the code rds code and run
pulumi destroy
Is that the way to do this or there's a better way to achieve this?


08/30/2021, 3:48 AM
I don't think so. If you use
protect: true
then it prevents the destory, iirc. You need to remove it from the state to leave it after a destroy.
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You could alternatively comment out all the other code, run
, then
pulumi stack rm