Hi, Guys, I find it is a bit difficult to use terr...
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Hi, Guys, I find it is a bit difficult to use terraform-bridge, may be we can create a new channel to discuss issues about terraform-bridge.
@green-london-75893 do you have your pulumi wrapper project somewhere public? I was given some advice on this before by a Pulumi member. I can pay it forward. But pointing to sources might help. 😉
Hi, thanks. I'm a newbie to pulumi and it is my first task on pulumi. 😀 Do you mean the source of
 ? it is here: https://github.com/tencentcloudstack/terraform-provider-tencentcloud, TencentCloud is the 2rd large public cloud provider in China, but we cannot found the provider implement in pulumi, so we try to convert it by ourself and get the error . We haven't create a conversion-project itself on github public yet, we will create it when it works or it is needed to fix this issue. 🙂
@limited-rainbow-51650 hi, I have create a github repository for this wrapper project: https://github.com/linwukang/pulumi-tencentcloud 🙂