Hi folks! I'm using the <EKS package> and I'm tryi...
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Hi folks! I'm using the EKS package and I'm trying to get the URL of the OIDC. I tried using the following code snippet but I ran into an issu.
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oidcProvider := cluster.Core.OidcProvider().ApplyT(func(oidcUrl string) string {
	return strings.Trim(oidcUrl, "https://")
The error is in the image below. Has anyone used this EKS package and did they find a workaround for this?
give this a try:
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oidcarn := cluster.Core.OidcProvider().ApplyT(func(oidcprovider *iam.OpenIdConnectProvider) pulumi.StringOutput {
	if oidcprovider == nil {
		return pulumi.String("").ToStringOutput()
	return oidcprovider.Arn
}).ApplyT(func(v interface{}) string {
	return v.(string)
replace the
if needed
Omg! Thank you for this! Works like a charm
@white-balloon-205 helped me with the exact same thing eaelier today 🙂
Oh well! I hope I'll be able to help someone too!