Having an issue getting ApplicationLoadBalancers t...
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Having an issue getting ApplicationLoadBalancers to point to a fargate service. Pulumi up runs and the fargate service deploys, but the ALB has no targets
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const lb = new awsx.lb.ApplicationLoadBalancer(`hasura-${env}`);

const listener = lb.createListener(`hasura-listener-${env}`, {
  protocol: "HTTPS",
  certificateArn: sslCertificateValidation.certificateArn,

const hasuraService = new awsx.ecs.FargateService(
    desiredCount: 1,
    taskDefinitionArgs: {
      logGroup: logGroup,
      cpu: "1024",
      memory: "2048",
      containers: {
        service: {
          // logConfiguration: {
          //   logDriver: "awslogs",
          //   options: {
          //     "awslogs-group": logGroup.id,
          //     "awslogs-region": awsRegion!,
          //     "awslogs-stream-prefix": `hasura-${env}`,
          //   },
          // },
          image: hasuraImage,
          portMappings: [listener], ....
hmm your code looks right to me. in the Details page of the Service is the Target Group Name filled out with the one in your first image?
no, its not
I mean if you go to Clusters > cluster_name > service_name in the Details tab. Wondering if you see your
target group name
listed under
Load Balancing
or that fargate service
ahh. ok, it is set
and the targets are there!
nothing like a little pulumi destory; pulumi up
success!! needed to add an inbound rule to a security group
🙌 1
now have to figure out how to set that in pulumi instead of the console