Has anyone looked into maintaining a terraform pro...
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Has anyone looked into maintaining a terraform provider for Pulumi, especially now that the REST API is available? I'm moving a large terraform codebase over, and being able to access
is lovely, but it only lets me migrate over modules that no other terraform modules depend on (without using SSM as a intermediary step). If I could access Pulumi Stack outputs from Terraform, I would be able to migrate over any terraform module, making it a lot easier to switch over
I don't think this is possible without modifying terraform itself. Adding a "terraform" provider is an interesting idea, but I can't see it'd work in practice
Not an answer to your question about a TF provider, but you can use Terraform's
data source to access Pulumi stack outputs. Here's an example - https://gist.github.com/clstokes/80cddb26e2defd708d499ed0c081d87c.
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Thank you both!
You're welcome. 😁