10/06/2021, 7:26 AM
Hi Team, kindly help ... we are facing issue with pulumi stack - getting below error :
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[2021-10-06T06:47:38.665Z] error: the current deployment has 1 resource(s) with pending operations:
[2021-10-06T06:47:38.665Z]   * urn:pulumi:stack-test::project-test::aws:elasticsearch/domain:Domain::stack-test, interrupted while deleting
While updating the inbound rule for existing pulumi stack [12:50 PM] Kindly help, we are mentaining the stack from remote cloud


10/06/2021, 7:23 PM
It looks like the stack was stopped abruptly and that left some of the stack in a pending state. Try
pulumi stack export | pulumi stack import
to clean up the pending states. The see if things work as expected.