[QUESTION] Hi there, I may have missed something i...
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[QUESTION] Hi there, I may have missed something in the docs, but could anyone help me out with splitting existing resources from one single stack into multiple stacks without re-deploying the resources? I've created a new stack but not sure how the code structure should look like.. when I do
pulumi up
it detects all existing resources and tries to re-deploy them into the newly created stack... Thanks!
a github link to any example illustrating the use of multiple stacks within a project would be really appreciated 👍
@creamy-sugar-83202 there are examples of using stackreferences here: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/aws-py-stackreference https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/aws-stackreference-architecture With regards to moving resources between stacks, you'll need to: • remove the resource from the old stack using
pulumi state delete <urn>
• copy the code or import into your new stack and use the
resource option to adopt the existing resource into your state