team, any ideas why one resource doesn’t respect i...
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team, any ideas why one resource doesn’t respect implicit
? I expect that resource that dependsOn other will wait until other will do the update or delete, which is not true and this resource start earlier it’s update then it’s implicit dependencies
Can you give the specific example, maybe with code?
I create an array of RecordSet (Azure) dns records like
const recordSets = [].map(new RecordSet)
and then I use this array inside FrontDoor, as dependsOn
what happens, frontDoor starts it’s update earlier and I get failure from pulumi engine
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' ~  azure-native:network/v20200501:FrontDoor frontDoor **updating failed** [diff: ]; error: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=<nil> Code="Conflict" Message="Cannot delete frontend endpoint \\"\\" because it is still directly or indirectly (using \\"afdverify\\" prefix) CNAMEd to front door \\"<|>\\". Please remove the DNS CNAME records and try again."\n' +
You're creating an array, then depending on the array being created? The array finishes being created immediately, it won't be dependent on the resources within the array.
uh, oh… I think I know what’s wrong 🙂
dependsOn accepts array of resources
which is what I do
Ah, you're setting that as the entire array. Ok.
I think the problem, that I delete single RecordSet from array that I expect to be dependedOn
so it’s deleted in runtime, but it’s not there anymore 🙂
Sounds complicated...
so frontdoor update triggers earlier then expected
azure networking is crazy
Thanks for the heads-up, I'll stick with AWS 🙂
looks like pulumi has it’s cleanup process at the end of the runtime
which means, dependsOn will not wait if I deleted that resource in my array and trigger update asap
and then only do the delete… which I can’t do
I need to delete and then update