Hello, I'd like to ask if its possible to somehow ...
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Hello, I'd like to ask if its possible to somehow optimize Pulumi running time when using Docker images. It seems that pulumi rebuilds images even when there is no change to the image in the sources. Also it seems to me that it doesn't happen always. Sometimes Pulumi happily skips this phase
This is Docker responsibility I think unless Pulumi is forcing a rebuild, perhaps you do a COPY ./ in the same directory you are make changes to your Pulumi. If docker build takes time then Pulumi will take time. If Docker build is smart enough to detect nothing has changed then I presume Pulumi will gain this benefit too
This means having the layers cached though if on a CI/CD box
ok I'though that Pulumi wouldn't contact Docker daemon at all if there were no changes to the sources
like, it seems that pulumi is "offloading" the responsiblity to perform the diff to the docker
and everytime a run pulumi I get this:
it tries to push images although there were no changes
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I'm having the same issue
Did you ever get a fix for this?