10/15/2021, 8:01 AM
Hi.. I am having the same problem in deleting acm certificates as we have a really big stack.. Is there any solution to this problem? I tried deleting the pending_operations in export and then imported yet it still goes and tries to delete the certificates and fails.. Not putting the whole error logs as it has account information.. cc: @strong-house-36411 @fierce-france-59052
Type                    Name                           Status                  Info
 pulumi:pulumi:Stack     Infra-dev                      **failed**              1 error
• ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_website2 deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_website deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_doc_api_bo deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_doc_api deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_flower deleting failed 2 errors • ├─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_pgweb deleting failed 2 errors • └─ aws:acm:Certificate dev-albCertificate_bo deleting failed 2 errors Diagnostics: Resources: ws:acm:Certificate (dev-albCertificate): error: deleting urn😛ulumi:dev::Infra::aws:acm/certificate:Certificate::dev-albCertificate: 1 error occurred: * error deleting ACM Certificate (arn:aws:acm:us-west-2:xxx:certificate/79945fcc-dd08-4bbb-b3d4-2081c1069f66): ResourceInUseException: Certificate arn:aws:acm:us-west-2:xxx:certificate/79945fcc-dd08-4bbb-b3d4-2081c1069f66 in account 287991343765 is in use. error: post-step event returned an error: failed to save snapshot: renewing lease: [403] The provided update token has expired. Duration: 20m9s error: failed to complete update: renewing lease: [403] The provided update token has expired.


10/15/2021, 8:33 AM
I've also had several issues with removing ACM certs, looking at your error, it looks like your session is too short. You can always remove URNs from the state
pulumi state delete URN
and then remove resource manually