# general


10/18/2021, 4:06 PM
(Meta question) I am new to Pulumi and come from a Terraform background, so it's best to look at the following questions while keeping that in mind: 1. Will choosing one language supported by Pulumi limit me from support from the community? In particular, I'm wondering how popular Go is compared to Typescript for Pulumi. Personally I think Go makes more sense to invest in (other tools in the ecosystem such as k8s and its controllers, operators etc are written in Go, lots of precedent for unit testing on cloud resources set by Terratest, etc). But, I think based on the documentation and examples in the
GitHub org, Typescript is the de-facto "Pulumi language". 2. How come it's difficult to find upstream packages modules for Pulumi? In Terraform, there's such an abundance of modules — some of them good, some of them not — but I cannot find the same parallel with Pulumi. Thanks 🙂


10/18/2021, 4:28 PM
1. Yes and no. Typescript certainly appears to be the most popular and accessible, with Typescript boasting more providers / SDK coverage. That being said Pulumi Packages and multi-language Components and intended to help bridge some gaps. Pulumi CLI, among other tools is written in Go 2. Pulumi is new, beyond the SDKs and examples, standards/best practices for organizing projects and components are still being fleshed out by the community through usage and experience. Also, check out #announcements, was announced today