I have a bunch of resources that I want to reparen...
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I have a bunch of resources that I want to reparent underneath a new
to logically group them. However, when I run a preview, the provider wants to delete and create all these resources, even though nothing has changed besides the structure of my code. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a way to work around this?
I can refactor things, but leave the
{ parent: this }
on the resource options out ... this means that the dependency isn't established which kind of defeats the point. I'm not sure why simply establishing the dependency on a logical component grouping would cause the engine to want to delete the existing resources
This seems like weird behavior, nothing else depends on my new component group, it's just a logical grouping for the benefit of clarity.
they go over that scenario in the blog post:
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const serviceAccountSecondCustomerKey = new gcp.serviceAccount.Key("ServiceAccountSecondCustomerKey",
        serviceAccountId: serviceAccountSecondCustomer.email
        parent: serviceAccountSecondCustomer,
        aliases: [
            { parent: pulumi.rootStackResource }
awesome!! thank you, that's so helpful, much appreciated
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very welcome