I am creating my own Component Package with Pulumi...
# general
I am creating my own Component Package with Pulumi, and I am having trouble passing through a “secret” output. My package and client are both written in TypeScript. The resource in my package has a property of type output<string>. When I construct a resource and pass it a string, or a standard output, it works fine. However, when I pass it a secret Output, it isn’t passed into the package resource as a string… instead it’s some sort of object (which prints to a string as [object Object] . Shouldn’t the value be “unwrapped” to a regular string at that point, even if it was intended to be a secret? Or is there something special I need to do in my resource to handle values that are passed in as secrets? I did try the
function but it threw a
val.resources is not a function
exception… guess the object I passed it is the wrong type, somehow?