Hello! Quick question about API Gateway and the `a...
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Hello! Quick question about API Gateway and the
package. When creating an API gateway, it seems like the
Integration Request
Lambda is configured correctly with the right ARN, however, there is no
Execution Role
listed. That field is left empty and we have to configure it manually. Do you know how could we automatically set the execution role for the integration request? Here's the creation of the API Gateway for your reference:
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const api = new awsx.apigateway.API('api-name', {
    routes: [{
        path: "/targetpath",
        method: "ANY",
        eventHandler: lambda,
I noticed there is a
package that could potentially provide more fine grained control. And it looks like the
package makes use of it under the hood. Would be cool if there would be a simple straight forward solution though https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/blob/master/sdk/nodejs/apigateway/restApi.ts#L107